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The Perfect Murder


There is truly only 1 way to kill someone without ever getting caught, no matter what government offical, etc... says....

Follow Step By Step

Step by Step of what you can do:



1.Wear Masks that cover the entire face, and secure hair in place.

2.Burn off your fingerprints, or cover them in WOOD-GLUE, DO NOT USE elmers glue, or just plainly, wear THICK black LEATHER gloves, and make sure you DO NOT leave fingerprints or anything on them.

3.Find your victim, study their schedule, DO NOT STALK THEM, and DO NOT LET THEM KNOW YOU ARE, as this will make things alot more difficult.

4.In the night, or when their alone (could be anytime, when NOONE else is around, or near the area), slowly stalk them until they 'stall', walk SILENTLY not making ANY sound towards them, and stab them in the back in ODD shapes so that the type of knife cannot be founded out, and do not stick the knife to the hilt. (stab atleast 23 times.)

5. DO NOT DISPOSE OF THE WEAPON - That is the WORST thing that you could possible do, if they find the weapon, than you're most likely fucked, so just clean the weapon, and keep it as a nice suvineer.

6.Once killed do not touch the body, just leave it, the police will discover it, but since you were covered, there will be no hair, no dna, and no fingerprints or evidence, just like in the zodiac. DO NOT leave town, it will make it VERY suspicous...


This would be the easiest method.... but takes the longest.... unless you steal a gun...

1.get a concealed handguns liscense, and wait 3-8 months, or more if you would like to.

2.get a gun, caliber, 9mm, or 12mm, get 120 rounds worth of bullets (or even more), and after all those purchases, wait anouther 3-8 months (or more).

3.for each bullet used, scratch off anything that is from origin of purchase on the bullet with a knife, but not to hard or it will expload (DO NOT USE FIRE...).

4.find your victim, wait till he's alone, and shoot him solidly in the head ( I recommend attaching a laser-pointer to the BOTTOM of the barel for correct and precise aim ). If you miss, quickly shoot off your remaining round at his back, if you completely miss, you're prolly fucked... (oh, and also make sure you're wearing a mask, etc... to completely protect identity, dna, fingerprints, etc...)

5. do not dispose of the weapon... thats the worst to do..... and about fingerprints, no need to really worry to much bout that when using a gun (just wear gloves when your scratching off the words on the bullet, if you do that, though it doesn't make *to* much of a difference if you don't...)

6.Just leave... don't leave town, or else.... it will be extroadinarily suspicious....


Last Edited September 17, 2007
Created September 8, 2006
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